Monday, April 23, 2012

Hair and school

Trying to decide whether or not I want might hair back to this colour, will be dyeing it again at the end of this week.

I have school tomorrow. After two weeks of holidays it feels like a month has gone by, yet it doesn't feel long enough. I'm dreading going back tomorrow because I know for there are a few people that I really want to avoid having any contact with. I got to get all my school stuff together, cause at the moment its scattered all throughout my house and unorganised. I'll make a post tomorrow about any new stuff that happens at school, or I find out about.


  1. WOW this color is hot!
    Just yesterday I was saying that I can't imagine myself with blue or green hair.. ha!
    *hair envy*
    Daphne (Bubble my Licorice)

    1. why thankyou. Only way to imagine it is if you go out an do it, even if its for a little while :D