Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cat. School. Winter. Food.

Twice in two days, Rusty my cat has decided to get close and comfy on me lap while I surf the interwebs. It's the end of April and its already dropping to about 13°C through the day and colder at night, I think we are headed for a very cold Winter this year, considering we had an extremely rainy and wet summer. 

Tomorrow my school is having a cross country event thingo and everyone is expected to go, but considering I only have school for two hours I'm not going to be staying to be stuck on a field on soggy grass being yelled at by teachers 'cause I'm not sitting in the right areas. So I'm gonna go home and make some Quiche. I'm going to look up some recipes for ideas that I can add to my own recipe that I already have, maybe some more herbs and spices to give it a more fulfilling flavour.  Currently our capsicum plants that we have been growing in the vege patch are just about ready to be picked and eaten so I might add some of that.

 Going to go embroider something .

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