Saturday, March 31, 2012


Went to Parramatta today and did a bit of shopping, thing I bought:
  • canvas
  • white acrylic paint
  • Paintbox electric blue hair dye
  • embroidery thread
  • an embroidery hoop
  • and some presents for Jessica, which are a secret, hence why they are in the bag and not shown.
I gave Rusty a bath to get rid of the fleas he keeps getting. He didn't like it at all, mewed and clawed all over the place.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Was in a rush this morning and put on a colour. I'll probably redo it tomorrow when I have more time and don't want to be so clumsy about it

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm in the process of painting bark on a tree in oil paint. It has taken me 3 hours just to do this little part because I have to keep going over and over it again. Hopefully it will look good when its done

Monday, March 26, 2012


Did another Prac in chemistry today, we are all so far behind its not even funny, the teacher is so slow going through the topic and hardly ever explains anything, literally frustrating. Now I'm doing math homework, cause I need to catch up. I really should stop falling asleep in my classes.

I'm so annoyed at the moment. I hate it when someone describes an event that has happened but changes it around to make me sound like some frivolous needy bitch that always wants attention. I've usually brushed it off, because it really is silly, but its got me wondering what I have ever done to seem that way. I guess some things I'll never understand.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Artwork for sale

So this is the finished piece that I started 2 weeks ago and finally got around to completing its, I was dissatisfied when It was a sketch with a bit of colour here and there, so I painted the rest if it. It turned out to look quite different to most of the things I do because I wasn't keeping track of the colours I was using and just kept adding and adding things to it. I'm going to selling it to anyone in Sydney who wishes to buy it, If I have multiple offers I will take the best offer. Otherwise its first in first serve.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


So I scanned the sketch I started in biology 2 days ago. I really like the design so I'm hoping to buy a canvas and paint a giant version of it in colour. Colour scheme will be mauve, black, red, blue and white.


Going to the movies to watch the Hunger Games with my sister. This is the outfit and makeup I'm wearing. It's only simple because It's cold and all my clothes are somewhat skimpy so I wore a jumper over my shirt. I'm not really in the mood to go into all the trouble of matching clothes and what not.

Makeup  is Essence
Belt is from Ice
Jumper is from Blue Jade
Skirt is from Tightrope

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I won!

So I won a competition on tumblr and I recieved these beautiful shoes from Therapy today, they are brand and came wrapped all nice and neatly in their boxes. I wanted to scream when I got them, but I was in the post office at the time and I don't think many people would have appreciated me screaming in their ears, so I screamed a little when I got home :P. The black pairs make is Shore-black which retails for $69.95 and the heels are MoMA- grape which retails for $59.95. I was so excited, I have never won anything in my entire life. These are not my first pair of shoes from Therapy though, I bought a pair of boots from them last year that were amazing (sadly I don't have them anymore because they were ruined by a couple of inconsiderate moshers at a concert in Sydney) I even got a little note, as seen above. I think I'm going to frame in and put it on my wall somewhere.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I spent the weekend making bows, I plan on selling.
They need to be finished of with backing clips and cute this put on them but so far I'm liking my progress. The three types shown are the backbone designs, more stuff will be added to the black and pink ones. Probably cute shapes and items made from glass beads, resin moldings etc. I'm working on more designs and trying to stock up as much as I possibly can. Hopefully this is just the start of something  bigger to come.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I ducked up the road with mum tonight to buy some groceries and I found these really cute shorts and I just had to buy them, I'm supposed to be saving my money but I've been looking for a pair of shorts and these fit the bill. They look fab when I wear them, now I have to find something really cute to go with it.
Brand by the way is Angel Biba

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design No.1

I came up with a my first design, it was just a random doodle, but I like it so I edited it a bit and am happy with the results, I'm going to make a tote soon and use transfer paper to print it onto. Hopefully I can make this all work, I really want it to go well. 
Other than that today I was exhausted, I had a full day at school and as soon as I came home I crashed for about 2 hours, I need to go back to my doctor and try see if I can go back to my old medication because this one is making me forever drowsy and I can't concentrate on anything in classes. The only problem is I need to see the neurologist again and may not be able to see him for a couple of months depending on when I can get an appointment.
That pretty  much for today, maybe tomorrow I might have another design to show.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Year 12 Jerseys came yesterday, after waiting nearly 3 months for them, they are über comfy.
Only 2 terms to go until I finish school eep, can't wait.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm sketching out something at the moment (not quite finished as you can see) that I'm possibly going to be selling once I finish and get it framed. I need to get more sketch pens though since I ran out. I'm hoping to get somewhere around $50 dollars for it. I don't know how I'm going to go about selling it, so It might be to Sydney buyers only for now.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

that's where my family spends most of the weekend,  I actually got something this time. I bought  a dozen or so assorted frames for My BOW and any artworks that I feel like selling. Which I will be in a soon enough time.

I'm getting a sewing machine soon, I bid for one today but its was a little to pricey for what it was so I didn't get it, and I've decided on the items that I will start of making in my store.
  • Earrings- one of the simplest things I can make. 
  • necklaces
  • bracelets 
  • tote bags  
  • Hair bows
That's what I'm going to be starting with. :P

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tote bags

I'm going through with my idea on making a store on etsy. I've decided I'm going to experiment a bit first with tote bags. I have two designs that I'm going to use transfer paper to print on backgrounds and embroider the rest of the of it on.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Artworks on clothes

I really dislike how my skin is lately. It's so unhealthy. I need to go on a proper diet and eat foods that are good for me instead of all the junk I usually eat.

I'm going to start printing things on clothes and selling them on etsy so I can start earning a bit of money. Maybe look into getting some polymer clay supplies and making charms and jewellery also with my designs.  I'm not sure if anyone would actually buy anything, but Ill probably do a giveaway on tumblr to promote it and stuff.

Certains de mes oeuvres, je n'aurais jamais envisager d'afficher sur les vêtements, principalement en raison de la signification derrière eux. Même si ils ont regardé une bonne, je ne pouvais pas le faire.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


There’s a reason I don’t post most of the stuff I do like this one on any blogs, mainly because these are unintentional artworks. They’re created when I’m angry or upset and usually lend up destroyed in the process. I’m usually surprised at what they end up looking like.

Nothing interesting

I wore a beanie to school today because I couldn't be bother styling my hair a certain way, and now its has left me with very flat hair. I want to wash it later because I find whenever I wear a beanie it makes my hair unbelievably oily and disgusting. Also I'm thinking about cutting it just a bit, not shortening it just thinning it out so its not so big at the ends of my hair and makes it easier to manage. 
I got an assessment for Literacy also, it's a speech comparison between Blade Runner and Frankenstein. I'm actually pretty confident in making it (not the speaking part, that always sucks). That's due in about 2 weeks so I should get started on it now.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I wrote out a list for my nail polishes, so I can keep them organized


I painted my nails again, this time fushia. I'm starting to get to like little splashes of pink on my things. I'm usually one to try and avoid things that are pink, I have no idea why though.

I feel really uck at the moment, I might go for a nap.

Anyway, school today was pretty lame, I failed my math test and had to suffer through two hours with the worlds no.1 monotonic teacher. Im  not particularly in a good mood either.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New stuff + essence review

Essence is pretty much my favourite brand of cosmetics, for multiple reasons.
  • They're products are really funky. They are bright and attractive, and that's just the packaging. The diverse colours amongst all of their items is amazing. In they're nail polishes alone you can choose from up to 52 different colours!!
  • Easy application
  • The smell and taste of their lip products is quite good, it doesn't leave a horrible flavour on your lips and smells divine. One thing I like about their lip products is how they manage to stay on for long periods of time without touching up. Glosses in particular.
  • IT'S AFFORDABLE- definitely not breaking the bank when It comes to these babies. Which for allot of people is a good way to go out and by some pretty products without having to worry about spending to much.
  • Not tested on animals!!!!!- I always try and find brands that aren't associated with testing their products on animals. It is difficult however,because most brands don't necessarily label if they are or not. So if your ever curious, do a background check!
  • Wide selection of different products: skin health, face, eyes, lips, nails basically all your basic products.
  • Keep up with funky trends and make your own little collections!
So that's a few of the reason why I like essence. Other than buying these few items I bought  a shoe rack, which I have been meaning to get for quite a number of months now, but I never found one big enough. Now I have something to hold majority of nearly 30 pairs of shoes. ( I had more, but had to say farewell, baw) I didn't get to do any of my BOW today, but I will do it tomorrow before I got out to arco with Jess.

Friday, March 2, 2012

This is my favourite colour and its almost gone, sad thing is no where can I find the brand being sold. boohoo


My babies. At the bottom theres my two gremlins who are 12 weeks old, Aurora (female, who is eating the grass piece) and Mr Stripey (male, with the stripes) and their mum in the top photo who's name is Lunar. ( You can also see my dads pig Fluffy hiding in the box. They are my babies and I  love them to bits. In total I have 8 guinea pigs. I also have other pets too, I have 1 cat (Rusty), 2 dogs( Toby and Cuddles), 2 birds ( Cloud and Pretty Girl), and about 5 fish. I used to have hermit crabs but they devoured each other.


So today was the last of my half yearly exams, I'm so glad that they are over. I think I might of possibly failed this one, I had no clue what to do so I left half of it blank. That's what happens when you have a teacher who wings most of her classes. I'm glad its the weekend though. I can finally relax.

Plans for the weekend:
  • Sort out all the clothing that I don't want or doesn't fit me and donate them somewhere.
  • Make some more wax clock molds and paint the rest of the background on part 1 of my BOW.
  • Put the songs from my iTunes on to my iPod, about 2000 that need transferring.
  • and finally SLEEP.
YEP, that's pretty much my weekend sorted.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

So I'm still working on my BOW (body of work) Its taking so long to do the little things

Je suis si fatigué de cela, je veux être capable de terminer maintenant


Bought some leggings to go with a few of my outfits, considering its coming up to winter time soon I thought what they hell, I shall buy some. They have cute little star and square studs around the bottom of them. Now I'm off to study for my chemistry exam tomorrow which I'm really stressing out on because I don't necessarily have the best teacher in the world. It will be the last exam of my HSC half yearlies and I'm hoping that I have done well in most of them.

Outfit Today