Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Design No.1

I came up with a my first design, it was just a random doodle, but I like it so I edited it a bit and am happy with the results, I'm going to make a tote soon and use transfer paper to print it onto. Hopefully I can make this all work, I really want it to go well. 
Other than that today I was exhausted, I had a full day at school and as soon as I came home I crashed for about 2 hours, I need to go back to my doctor and try see if I can go back to my old medication because this one is making me forever drowsy and I can't concentrate on anything in classes. The only problem is I need to see the neurologist again and may not be able to see him for a couple of months depending on when I can get an appointment.
That pretty  much for today, maybe tomorrow I might have another design to show.

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