Saturday, March 3, 2012

New stuff + essence review

Essence is pretty much my favourite brand of cosmetics, for multiple reasons.
  • They're products are really funky. They are bright and attractive, and that's just the packaging. The diverse colours amongst all of their items is amazing. In they're nail polishes alone you can choose from up to 52 different colours!!
  • Easy application
  • The smell and taste of their lip products is quite good, it doesn't leave a horrible flavour on your lips and smells divine. One thing I like about their lip products is how they manage to stay on for long periods of time without touching up. Glosses in particular.
  • IT'S AFFORDABLE- definitely not breaking the bank when It comes to these babies. Which for allot of people is a good way to go out and by some pretty products without having to worry about spending to much.
  • Not tested on animals!!!!!- I always try and find brands that aren't associated with testing their products on animals. It is difficult however,because most brands don't necessarily label if they are or not. So if your ever curious, do a background check!
  • Wide selection of different products: skin health, face, eyes, lips, nails basically all your basic products.
  • Keep up with funky trends and make your own little collections!
So that's a few of the reason why I like essence. Other than buying these few items I bought  a shoe rack, which I have been meaning to get for quite a number of months now, but I never found one big enough. Now I have something to hold majority of nearly 30 pairs of shoes. ( I had more, but had to say farewell, baw) I didn't get to do any of my BOW today, but I will do it tomorrow before I got out to arco with Jess.

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