Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holiday update

So my last post was um weird...

Anyway so Im going to update on a few things that have happened these holidays so far.
  • I went dress shopping with Jessica ( shopping for formal dresses in September) and I found dress option number one. It was so gorgeous. It was blue, sleek, and ruffle/layered flaring out at the bottom. So I'm glad I have at least one option.
  • I bought new make-up and dyes.
  • I went to Parramatta today to meet with some from tumblr for the first time. It was awesome. Simon  went and got the rest of the 26 dermals he now has on his back, It was awesome to watch but I got slightly woozy after a while watching. Which I swear has only happened one time before other than this. 
tomorrow I have heaps of images that I need to upload, as well as an update on my BOW!!

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