Thursday, April 5, 2012

personal post

It's the beginning of the holidays now, which is scary because that means I have only 20 weeks of school left and I'm finished. I should start studying more, I got my half yearly reports back and they sucked so badly I only passed in 3/5 of my subjects. Anyway I have this math formula booklet I'm suppose to make, and I left my textbook at school in my locker -facepalm-. So now I have to go about making it from memory. My friends birthdays on Wednesday so I have to make something I have planned before then, and I'm currently making more bows. I'm buying clips and elastic in bulk shortly to add to them.

I'm feeling really confused at the moment. I'm in this kind of ditch where I don't know what to do. I don't know what I want to do after I finish highschool. I mean I have a few ideas but I'm still undecided. I want to try get some new friends, I have one or two close friends and the rest I don't even know. I hate how they pretend to know or like something I mention to them, I don't care if you don't know/like it but don't go pretending you do, its really pathetic. In all honestly I feel really lonely. Kind of like this sinking empty feeling and I don't like it.

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