Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'm freaking out so badly. I may not show it to the people around me, but my mind is racing. Schools nearly over in a matter of almost 12 weeks. I have my yearlies and HSC trials next term, my BOW of work is due in 5 weeks, I'm so stressed out about it. I can't study to save my life. I'll sit down with a pen and paper and try right down the stuff I need to remember but after about 30mins I can't do it anymore. I'm going to fail chemistry because my teacher is lazy and gets us to learn of youtube videos every lesson (like that's going to help with anything) and Im going to fail math.

We just had a take home test for math and I honestly could not finish it, I know I have done the stuff in class but I just am unable to do it. I feel really bad and horrible, I do not want to fail my HSC, considering I need to get at least 80 in all my subjects ( Mathematics 2 unit, Advanced English, Biology, Chemistry and Visual Arts) to get to both of the Universities I'm applying to that have the course I want to study.

I want to do a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Arts and instead of 4th year honours, Im going to be doing secondary teaching.
I also need to find a job.
It's I don't know How Im going to do any of this.

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