Monday, April 15, 2013

Week Off

Had a week off but didn't manage to do a vlog or post here, I've been lazy. I went back to uni today and had a test for biodiversity, I'm confident that I didn't fail, but I probably didn't do as good as I'd hoped for. I find out in the next couple of weeks though.

The iPad they gave us is the biggest distraction I could ever possibly imagine, I didn't log onto my computer FOR A WEEK. How bad is that. Turned out not logging onto my computer gave me a very nasty virus that I had to spend a few hours fixing and backing up my HDD.

I cut my hair again, just the fringe this time, just above my eyebrows. I'm not too pleased with and will try fix it later on. I'm trying to refrain from cutting any length from my hair so that it manages to grow to the length that I want it.

Do you guys think I should take photos and post them here more often, I'm trying to be a better blogger but I don't dedicate enough to it.

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