Wednesday, April 17, 2013


With my cut fringe that I did last week. It's growing on me now.

I FOUND THE CHAIR. I went to an op shop coming home from uni today because I spotted some furniture outside the shop while I was driving past. It exactly how I wanted it and the seat is cushy, so I wont have to be replacing it. I only spent $20 (I could have bought a cheaper one, but I liked this one more). I will upload some images of it tomorrow.

I can finally get started on my DIY project. Now to get some fabric and paint, so I can decorate after I've sanded it back and fixed the footing (slight chipping). AAH I'm so excited.

On another note, got another part of my major assignment back today. I did much better than I thought and turns out that I was freaking out that I didn't do enough for nothing, I DID TO MUCH, ahah. But I still got 11.5 out of 15. Now I have to start with my essay which is due in 2 weeks. Wish me luck!!

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