Sunday, December 16, 2012

Babblings on a dreary Sunday evening.

While concealing in the shadows of your bedroom after school comes to an end sounds like a good idea, I can ensure you it is not. Having disrupted a routine acquired over 14 years of schooling, many find it hard to adjust to a new pattern, much like myself. We have it ingrained into our minds from early on that we must follow a system; birth, childhood, school, adulthood, work, death. Many prefer not to talk about the latter as if it were irrelevant. What I can't seem to apprehend is the fact that after so many years of schooling nothing will come of it. Surely I will get a 'higher education' somewhere along the line, but that only accounts for some of the knowledge that I have come to understand. I don't understand why there must be so much pressure put on todays generation and the generations to come to live up to there predecessors. I want to discover the things I want to know about, not things someone thinks I should know about. To live life how I want to, but because of todays society nothing comes without a price anymore, so to do just some of the things I want to are impossible. So I sit in my room to my chagrin, wondering how it ever came to the point in my life where I stopped looking at reality and delved into a different place of being.

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