Saturday, October 27, 2012

Catch up

Things that have been happening the past few months:

  • I went to more parties/outings than I have ever been to from the ages 12-16, which is kinda lame, but hey at least its a start and I don't feel as much as a social oddity anymore.
  • I graduated from highschool.
  • I'm almost finished my HSC exams.
  • I finished my major work in art (I'll post pictures once its returned to me from marking)
  • I dyed my hair back to brown/black.
  • I had my formal.
  • I stopped trying to please everyone by acting differently.
  • I gained like 10 kilos from stressing out about school.
  • I started working out to lose those 10 kilos.
  • I applied for University
  • Got my first car.
  • and a heap of other somewhat boring stuff but eh.

So that what's been happening to summarise.

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