Saturday, March 30, 2013


Massive DIY plan ahead.

Since getting my desk for my room I have been meaning to get a chair for it. I currently have a gas lift chair that I'm borrowing from another room in the house and its waaaaay to big for my room. I want to see if I can get a second hand wooden chair with padding on the base and on the back so that I can reupholster it with black velvet. I want to sand back the chair and add some extension on to it before painting it a colour, haven't decided what yet, I may just go for black to match with the velvet but I will see when I compare colour swatches and choose then. I'm really excited for this to start happening.

As for uni, all is going smoothly. I have already had my first assessment and test, and managed to pass on both. I have a major assigment coming up soon, so I should start planning what I will be doing soon so I don't get to far behind. I also get my iPad this week. Which means I will have something to be able to efficiently take notes with considering my laptops battery is broken and wont work without the charger BUHUH.

A vlog will be up sometime during the week.

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