Thursday, November 22, 2012

yatta yatta

Gave in and started writing again. Mainly I write just personal stuff, the things that I'm uncomfortable writing online about with nosy prying eyes. I find its so relieving to be able to vent to something without anyone actually knowing. I like the secrecy, the mysterious of writing something no body will ever see until someone stumbles upon it, or you stumblr upon it yourself. Somewhat like a time capsule in a way. Expressing more about a moment that any photograph ever could.

Appart from that I'm going more in depth with trying to get myself to learn French and Japanese. I found some really helpful books that I will buy once I come upon some money, I don't see myself undertaking any courses though, I think it will just aggravate me and make me emotional. I like learning on my own, its the only method that I can actually learn.

I have some pictures to upload on here soon...

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